Response To Gold Coast Bulletin August 31, 2016 Publication

Following is a response to gross inaccuracies and contradictions in an article by Mr Jack Harbour and published by the Gold Coast Bulletin on August 31, 2016. Mr Jack Harbour has a public history of misleading and inaccurate reporting and, regrettably, his misconduct has now extended to reports relating to the National Gridiron League.

The statement that the National Gridiron League (NGL) has folded is false. The NGL is only postponing the season launch to October 2017. The entity will continue to operate as usual.

The statement that Marcin Soluch went to ground this week is false. Mr Soluch has been very public and active in responding to stakeholder inquiries and continues to do so.

The statement by Mr Harbour that an NGL spokesperson blamed a breakdown with venues and visas behind the collapse of the competition is false. Mr Harbour has not had any communication with any NGL spokesperson. The NGL has not had any breakdown in negotiations with venues and maintains contracts with these venues. Furthermore, the league has not stated that it has had visa issues and has not had any difficulty obtaining Visas for its personnel.

The statement that a Government insider said the Lague failed to fulfil the promise to launch in 2016 due to internal financial issues is false. Officers of any government do not know the league's financial information.

A decision to pursue Mr Jack Harbour or the Gold Coast Bulletin for damages relating to the article will be determined before the expiry of the statute of limitation.


August 31, 2016